From a Career to a Calling

I spent many years of my life wondering what it is I wanted to do with it. I studied accounting because a friend did and I studied tax because I didn’t like the audit aspect of accounting. But something was always nagging at me that this wasn’t what I was “meant to do”. I searched and searched in all the wrong places for my “calling” and finally realized it’s called a calling for a reason. It calls you. You don’t call it. Sure, there are lots of things I could have done and I deeply explored many possibilities and thought about even more! I wanted to teach in college so I got an adjunct position at a great university. I thought I wanted to be a professor so I seriously considered getting a PHd. I applied to MBA programs and decided that wasn’t really for me either since I already had a Master’s degree and wasn’t exactly sure that an MBA would lead me to anything particularly better. Writing was always appealing as was anything related to travel, human psychology and animals! I even thought I should be an animal trainer at some point! Basically, I think most anything sounded better than the tax consulting I was getting paid to do.

I finally settled into my career as a tax consultant and as time went by I enjoyed it more and more. I learned ways in which to bring the essence of me into my career and to find the things I longed for inside the career i was in. In short, I stopped searching, let go, and settled in to what I was blessed with. I spent much of my free time though being a seeker of knowledge about myself. I wanted to understand who I am. And I wanted to know how do I become a better person? How do I grow? Why am I here? What purpose on this earth am I supposed to serve? I have been through coaching, counseling, and anger therapy. I have meditated, prayed, read books, been on retreats, and sought out classes for my own personal growth. I have sat in silent reflection. I expanded and contracted and expanded again. I opened up and closed and opened wider. I have loved, lost, and loved deeper. And through it all, I was waiting.

And then I felt it. The calling.

Life was calling me to live it. To experience the ups and downs and grow from it. To understand that my soul cause is rooting, growing, evolving and transforming me. And now I am called to help you do the same – to find your soul cause; to help you root, grow, evolve and transform.

As humans we want to feel special. We want to contribute to the world. Some of us want to save the world. Sometimes we’re so busy looking outside for that thing that will make us feel special, like we have a purpose, that we forget to look inside. We forget that everything we need is inside. That we are amazing beings. That life itself is a calling. Being you is a calling. And if you’re lucky, maybe you save the world, too.

2 thoughts on “From a Career to a Calling”

  1. This beautiful web site captures the true essence of Elisa and her incredible journey. Sharing and guiding others through a variety of transformative modalities is one of her many gifts to the world. May you continue to bloom my friend…

  2. ELISA!! This is absolutely beautiful. I’m in awe of and so happy for you. Elisa is one of the best listeners I have ever met: non-judgmental, kind, thoughtful, insightful, and trustworthy. She is whip-smart and has been a knowledge-seeker and interested in self-improvement since I met her, so I can only imagine how she’s devoured information in this new path and is pursuing it with her whole heart. Sending all my love and respect.

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