Birth Chart Readings

As with all services The Soul Cause has to offer, this is simply another lens with which to view your life and allow yourself to be introspective so that you may find your soul cause.

This reading is a 1-2 hour session where we will review your natal chart at the time of your birth through the lens of Shamanic Astrology. This is not a predictive astrology.

The word astrology is defined as: the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects. We are not trying to predict or divine anything through this reading other than what you divine for yourself. Each aspect of your chart will provide insight into your being and is another path you can take to begin to know yourself.

Shamanic Astrology focuses on the following principles:

1) “As Above, So Below, As Without, So Within.”

2) Experiential and earth centered

3) Ceremonial and participatory

4) Death and rebirth motif

5) Use of archetypes

6) Values the totality of the human experience

7) Values the Divine Feminine

Birth Chart Readings

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