The Priestess / Priest Process

Facilitated in Collaboration With Joy Ferguson of Created With Joy. Together we are Created-Soul.

The Priestess / Priest process is open to both men and women desiring a stronger connection to their divine feminine while uniting with their divine masculine. The process is generally done in a group setting as there is great power in being seen and heard by others. 

A Priestess or Priest is often regarded as a leader of a movement. Perhaps though a Priestess or Priest can be thought of as a leader of her or his own life. Or maybe she or he is a teacher that brings the sacred into form or a messenger for the community.  The Priestess or Priest of old could have been the medicine healer or the wise one of the tribe. Whatever the Priestess or Priest is to you, you will find her or him here. 

The Priestess / Priest Process is a path to self-discovery punctuated by sacred ceremony and a celebration of life. It does not require disavowing any part of yourself including any religious beliefs. The Process is based on the following tenets:

Alchemical High Priestess / Priest

If you have emerged as a Priestess / Priest, the next step in the journey is the Alchemical High Priestess / Priest where we use alchemy to transmute chakra suppression into personal power. This 9 month journey is both subtle and profound.

Alchemical Creatrix / Creator

If you have emerged as an Alchemical High Priestess / Priest, you are eligible to join us for Alchemical Creatrix / Creator, a deep dive into your uniqueness.  This circle is for individuals ready to fully embody the Creatrix / Creator and use that power to contribute their gifts in a powerful life affirming way. After this journey, you will have a new vision of yourself.

Elisa and Joy are combining their shared experiences to create a sacred space for authentic women and men to align with their connection to the Divine on their Path to the Priestess. Joy is with Created with Joy.