About Me

Elisa believes that every individual needs time, sacred space and a little encouragement to hear their own soul speak and to discover the truth of who they are. Guided by her own journey of life, she offers private and group opportunities to explore one’s own journey through community, presence, silence, and simply being.

Elisa is trained in the lineage of Nicole Christine as a Priestess, High Priestess and Alchemical Creatrix. She is a Priestess Facilitator and student of the Gene Keys. Elisa is a seeker of truth, a lover of life, and an advocate of acceptance. Most of all, she is passionate about helping others find their soul cause and to walk their own path with dignity and grace.

The Soul Cause is all about helping you find your path. There are so many modalities and ways in which you can be introspective and uncover who you are. Personally, I am a seeker and I love exploring different paths. I view each modality or any path I go down as simply a lens through which I can look at myself. For me, each path is just a different way to be introspective.

You may find that you are also a seeker and wish to explore many paths. Or you may find that there is one path you are really passionate about and you may go deep into the knowledge of that particular path. Or you may do both. There is no right or wrong. There is you and your soul cause. Whatever way you choose is the way it’s meant to be.