Disclaimer and Release

Disclaimer: The undersigned hereby acknowledges that workshops, seminars, coaching, and activities are for personal growth and not for medical, psychological, or mental treatment. Registrant also acknowledges that no implied or expressed warranties have been made as to the results of the session/s, and though unlikely, these activities might be dangerous and/or cause injuries. Registrant chooses to participate of her/his own free will and risk, and thereby agrees to accept full and complete liability, and to hold the facilitators, The Soul Cause or Created-Soul and its contractors, harmless from any and all liability resulting from all such activities, including breaks. Registrant hereby specifically represents they have no liability that may impair their ability to participate, comprehend or utilize the exercises, content, or material in the secessions. Registrant WAIVES all rights of action against the facilitator, The Soul Cause or Created-Soul, and its contractors, associated in any way with the said session/s.

Negligence Claim: You agree that in the event of any claim by you against us for any negligence or any other wrongful conduct, you waive any claim for punitive or multiple damages under any theory.

Dispute Over Fees: In the event of any dispute over fees, we mutually agree first to try in good faith to resolve the dispute among ourselves. Alternatively, we agree to resolve our dispute through mediation by selecting a mutually-agreeable third party to help us reach an agreement.

Photographs: Unless otherwise specified, any photographs taken that include me, may be used for promotional purposes including social media. It is my responsibility to choose to be, or not to be, in photographs.

This release is ongoing.